JAMIE WHYTE artist illustrator creative cartographer

Pencil portraits of my grandparents

This is just a pencil drawing but it is of a very special person. My grandmother, better known as Nanu to her grandchildren and great grand children, passed away recently and this is how I remember her – as a kind, wise, jolly, spiritual, formidable person, with a big laugh which could be often heard from wherever you were in the house, or even next door. We used to live in a┬áhouse adjoining hers and you could hear her laughing, sometimes singing or swearing (“Oh buggrit!”). Everyone who knew Nanu will have different memories but those are some of mine. She was very beloved. I wanted to record her talking about all the memories of her 85 years but never got around to it, thinking I’d have time but as it turned out I didn’t. Now there are many things that I’ll never know. She was mine and my brother and sisters’ last grandparent so for me it’s too late to learn the lesson, but the lesson is talk to your grandparents if they’re still around – don’t put it off, do it now, actually right now, today.

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