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The Master and Margarita : buy print

Map of Moscow featuring three members of Satan’s retinue, Azazello, Behemoth and Koroviev, from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

I once lent my copy of the book to a stranger on a bus. When I saw her again some weeks later she’d had a quote from it – ‘Manuscripts don’t burn’ – tattooed on her lower back.

I made this map with no clear idea of what to do with it, but it subsequently found a home at the fascinating and informative Master and Margarita fan site, which is where I found all the information I needed to make it in the first place. However it is no longer available to buy there Рto buy a print please email me directly at jwhyteillustration@gmail.com

© Jamie Whyte 2012

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