JAMIE WHYTE artist illustrator creative cartographer

All Under Heaven: China’s Dreams of Order

by Jeanne-Marie Gescher

(Kaduba House, 2015)

Maps of China and Beijing


“Jeanne-Marie Gescher is one of the most respected of the foreign advisors on China. Her argument that history, geography and human nature are essential to understanding the country and its future is one that any China expert would wholeheartedly endorse.”

– Peter Batey

OBE, Co-founder, European Chamber of Commerce in China, Past Chairman, Great Britain-China Centre and British Chamber of Commerce in China

“This is a magisterial book about China: but also about what it is to be human on a planet approaching nine billion people. Jeanne-Marie brings to her subject the gifts of empathy, integrity and knowledge, which she so powerfully discusses. She also brings the energy and enthusiasm which those of us privileged to have heard her speak, know that she has for understanding China and the world.”

– Professor David Grayson

CBE, director, the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, Cranfield University School of Management.

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