JAMIE WHYTE artist illustrator creative cartographer



I am an artist and illustrator specialising in ‘creative cartography’, which I define as the
creation of beautiful yet functional illustrated maps for print. In this vein I have produced work
that has been published in dozens of books around the world, often for high profile authors
and once for a celebrity autobiography. Rights to my works have been sold
in the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, India, Australia and Japan. As an illustrator and designer I
have made artwork for book covers, illustrations for fiction and non-fiction books, artwork for
labels, stickers and t-shirts, and made logos for several companies and organisations. As an
artist I make portraits, murals, landscapes, and am currently in the process of preparing my
own illustrated book for print, titled Rabbit and Crow. Recently my work was featured in the three-part BBC4 history series ‘The Silk Road’, with Dr Sam Willis. I am currently working on another commssion for the BBC.




email : jwhyteillustration@gmail.com
tel : 07878787328












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